Aug 4, 2011

This is me {From}

I saw this on a fellow blogger friend's page and i wanted to join in too!  So, here goes!  This is me from
 {The Hubs and I}
A. age :: twenty.three {almost twenty.four!}

B. bed size :: queen and boy do we need a king! When you're hubby is 6'4" and you let the pup sleep with you there's not much room to sprawl out....but hey I love my boys so I think I can deal for another year or so :)

C. chore you hate :: I hate scrubbing the bathtub, it hurts my knees and back so much, probably since I'm so short! I make the hubby do it ;) hehe

D. dogs :: Currently we have one pup. His name is Howdy and he is quite literally our son. I don't know what I'd do without that little boy.

{My little punkin', isn't he precious!}

E. essential start to your day :: Checking my blog! I check it every morning for new comments and followers it brings me so much joy, such a fun hobby!

F. favorite color :: I have such a hard time picking favorites of anything! My hubby puts me on the spot all the time and I can never just pick one of anything...but if I had to choose one color I'd say green because it complements my hair color and skin tone.

G. gold or silver :: I really love both. On my left hand I have a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring that I adore and on my right I have a nice chunk of gold from good ole Texas A&M University, whoop!
 {My perfect engagement ring...hoping for my wedding band soon!}

H. height :: five.feet.four.inches...and 1/2...gotta throw that half in there when your hubby is six.four!

I. instruments you play ::
I don't play any instruments sadly. I used to play the violin...crafting is my instrument :)

J. job title :: After graduating college with a marketing degree I went to work for Neiman Marcus as an Assistant Buyer. A few months ago I was promoted to the Training Specialist for Neiman Marcus Direct (the online division) where I train merchants on the systems. My job is much broader than just training but it would take forever to explain everything I do!

K. kids :: No little ones at the moment but we plan on having two children....the first one hopefully by the time I'm twenty.six :)

L. live :: TEXAS girl born and raised!

M. mom’s name :: Jeanene
{My Mom and I when I was a little one...oh and my goofy sister}
N. nicknames :: Audi, little one, little guy and the hubs sometimes calls me monkey because I cuddle and crawl on him like a monkey!

O. overnight hospital stays :: There have been a few, surgery and then I had food poisoning so bad that I had to stay overnight...not fun at all!

P. pet peeve :: Oh man where do I start!? To name a few...people that interrupt you in the middle of a sentence, it's okay I wasn't talking or anything, and people that lie to make themselves look or feel better about themselves...I detest liars.

Q. quote from a movie :: "I'm all hopped up on Mountain Dew!" "Ima come at you like a spider monkey!" I'm gonna scissor kick you to the back of the head!" hahaha an ongoing joke between my parent, my husband and myself :)

R. righty or lefty :: Righty

S. siblings :: One older sister who is getting ready for her wedding in October!! :)

My sister and I {This was at one of my bridal showers, I'm on the left and my sis is on the right}

T. time you wake up :: alarm is set for sometime around 6:30....I get out of bed around 7:15 haha I really gotta work on not hitting the snooze 10 times!

U. university attended :: Texas A&M University, Gig'em Aggies WHOOP!

V. vegetables you dislike: I think a shorter list would be what vegetable DO you like hehe

W. what makes you run late :: Hitting the snooze button a bazillion times, playing on my blog, trying to clean our messy house before I walk out the door or getting caught up watching the news when I should be getting ready.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: I've had them on my shoulders and my head. Dislocated my shoulders when I played tennis competitively and I was hit in the head with a baseball bat when I was younger during a softball game...making sure it didn't crack my skull! I had a HUGE goose egg and a concussion!

Y. yummy food :: Mexican food! I could eat it every day and be one happy camper, although I'd also probably be one very fat camper too!

 Z. zoo animal favorite :: Love watching the monkeys! You never know what funny thing they'll do next!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! Happy Thursday ya'll!

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