Aug 5, 2011

Waiting on Winter

 If any of you are from {t.e.x.a.s} you know that the summers here can be brutal! We are now on the thirty.something.odd day of triple digit heat! What would I give to have a nice bay/lake house somewhere in {t.e.x.a.s} right about now!

Somehow we manage to beat the heat every year. Howdy, our son dog, loves to go swimming, he's a natural! I'd take him swimming in our apartment pool, but for some reason I don't think management would appreciate that.

Luckily, we have a nice little creek that runs along a walking trail behind our apartments and we let Howdy cool off every now and then.

Isn't he just the cutest? Even as a drowned rat he still manages to look cute :)
Getting ready to attack the water!
This heat sure makes me thankful for AC! I count my blessings everyday that I live in a country with central AC & clean drinking water.

I sure am ready for fall/winter...or whatever you want to call it. Everyone knows we only have two seasons her in {t.e.x.a.s}, HOT and COLD. Stay cool everyone!


  1. I'm in Texas too...Murphy. It is so stinkin' hot! So tired of it! I'm having to water my house foundation today. It's so hot and dry, our neighborhood is having a rash of foundation cracks. Summer must end soon!

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