Aug 17, 2011

Easy Pizza Popovers

Memories of late night studying & pizza rolls have been on my mind lately.
Random thought? Yes.
I go back to my hometown often to visit family & friends. It just so happens that I went to college in the same town that I grew up in. So naturally I reminisce about the glory days of college & all that it entailed. 
There are so many restaurants that I loved that are no where close to me now!
Some of my favorite memories from college are late nights with friends making beer & pizza roll runs! Oh to be able to stay up all night with friends again...I don't think my poor body could take it now!
If you've ever had Double Daves Pizza Rolls you know what I'm talking about!
Sadly the closest one to me is in Ft. Worth & I'm just not that desperate!
I did however decide to come up with my own version of the infamous DD's Pizza Rolls

What You'll Need
Crescent rolls (I get the reduced fat kind)
Mozzarella cheese (thick grated not thin)
Reduced fat pepperonis
Pizza sauce
Garlic powder
Any other toppings that you like!

Start by unrolling your crescent rolls & then adding your toppings. Careful, don't over fill them!
Pinch the dough together so there are no opened areas & sprinkle cheese on top.
Bake accordingly to the crescent roll package until golden brown.

After you remove them from the oven brush them with a garlic butter sauce (just mix butter and garlic powder to your taste & melt in the microwave). Sprinkle on a little more cheese & you're done!

I also make homemade ranch dressing for dipping! Yum yum!
Perfect for the upcoming football season.
I won't be able to pry my hubby away from the TV!



  1. Woahmygosh. These look delish!

    Adding your button now sweet girl!


  2. Oh, gosh, my kiddos would LOVE these! They seem to gobble up anything made with crescent rolls...what a fabulous idea!

  3. These look great, my kids will love them! Can't wait to try them!


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