Aug 20, 2011

Sharpie {Stained} Clutch

Okay, if you haven't heard of {PS I Made this...} you are missing out!
Everything she makes is so inspirational!
I highly recommend checking out her website

Recently, I was inspired by her DIY clutch
The clutch is made from a canvas bag & stained with Sharpie's new {Stained} pens
Which by the way are AWESOME!

The clutch is reminiscent of a CHANEL clutch & I am super proud of how it turned out!!
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DIY Sharpie Stained Clutch
For this project you will need a canvas bag, Sharpie Stained pens, studs, chain, grommet & grommet setter, scissors & a hammer. Start by outlining your clutch & figuring out the design you want.
Decorate your canvas bag however you want! I really like the quilted look. Next, stud your clutch! Make sure that when you are studding, you place something hard between the front & back of your clutch, otherwise you will stud both sides together & you wont be able to open it! (guilty haha!) Also, you should only stud on concrete. You don't want to leave marks on your wood table or counters.
Add your grommet. Make a hole in one side or both. I chose to make mine a wristlet clutch & only did one side. Make your hole just big enough to fit your grommet through & make sure you have a grommet setting tool (they usually come in a pack with the grommets). Add your chain and you're all set!
Add any other embellishments that you'd like! I added a cute little heart charm from a necklace the I didn't wear much anymore.
I love the leopard lining, adds a little sass don't ya think?
Voila! Your very own Sharpie {Stained} Clutch!

Happy crafting y'all!

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