Jan 5, 2012

Blogger - Missing in Action

Hey everyone! I promise I haven't forgotten about you!! The hubby and I are all moved into our new house, hooray! There are still several boxes left to unpack...mostly nick-nacks and decorations. The kitchen is all unpacked and we got our new bed this week, which I might add is heavenly! You know you're getting older when a new king size mattress gets you really excited! This weekend we hope to finish unpacking the rest of the boxes, paint one last wall and go look for a new couch! I might even start on my first project, a studded wing back headboard for my new master bedroom and new king size bed!! Really excited for this project. We haven't had internet for 2 weeks so the only time I can do anything is at work, big no no or when I can find open wifi which isn't often! I will be back soon lovelies and with lots of projects! See you soon!


  1. Congrats on being in the new home!!

  2. Hi there - just wanted to wish you a happy 2012, and let you know that I gave you the Versatile Bloggers Award (whether you've received this before or not, please don't feel obliged to do anything other than accept my best wishes!)

    I didn't provide the link back, but I can do so if you'd like, or I can alter the name of your blog to keep it private - your call. Here's the post;


    stay well and keep blogging! x


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