Jan 9, 2012

Finalist! Please Vote For Me!

Hey gang! I am proud to say my Tulle Christmas Wreath was voted December's Finest 2011 over at To Sew With Love's! 11 other bloggers and myself are competing to become 2011's Finest (one entry from each month)

If you all could swing on by To Sew With Love and vote for me I would greatly appreciate it! It is a DILY vote so you can vote once a day for me until January 14th! Please vote for my Tulle Christmas Wreath, all you have to do is click HERE or the link below and scroll to the bottom and vote for the last entry, "December's - Christmas Tulle Wreath - The Kurtz Corner"

Check out the blog while you're there AND check out the post....you could win A LOT of cool prizes!

Many thanks in advance! I will see you all soon with some fun projects! We get internet at our new house this weekend, thank the Lord!! I have been going nuts wanting to blog but can only do it from my husbands iPhone or random free wifi hookups hehe :)


  1. I went to vote, but it said the poll was closed. :( I still think you made it through, though!

  2. same here but I totally hope you got it Girl


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