Jan 25, 2012

DIY Wing Back Studded Headboard

This is my first go at upholstery / furniture making and I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself AND my husband who helped me sooo much! This headboard is six feet tall and 76 inches wide (a King sized headboard) It's HUGE and heavy and I love it!! This has been a project that I've wanted to tackle for a while and I am so glad I did. There is just something about making things with my own hands that gives me so much joy! Here is my new king size wing back studded headboard!

I've seen all kinds of these beauties popping up on Pinterest and in stores and a lot of them run you a cool $500...at least the ones that I wanted! This project ran me around $170 so I think it was well worth the 2 days of effort to make it! Here is the break down of costs. Keep in mind that I used coupons at Michael's and Joann's Fabric for almost all of my supplies.

Materials & costs:
1 - 1x48x76in Plywood board & 1 - 2x6x144in board - $30
2in foam - Enough to cover your headboard (two sheets from Joann's) - $60
1 package of furniture studs form Joann's - $10
About 5 yards of fabric - $15
2 bags of batting from Joann's (enough to cover the headboard & wings) - $14
Staple gun & staples - $20
Spray tacky glue - $5
14 - 2in screws (owned)
Heavy duty screws to anchor your headboard to your bead frame (owned)
Drill & drill bits (owned)
Circular saw (owned)
Hammer (owned)

Before you start your headboard (or even before you buy your wood) make sure you have the correct measurements. Measure from edge to edge of your bed frame. You'll want to add about 3/4 in to your measurement so that when you add your wings it will fit perfectly around your bead frame. You can get your plywood and 2x6's cut at either Lowes or Home Depot or you can do it yourself! You will need to get your 2x6 cut in half. My headboard is 6 feet tall so you may or may not want to subtract a few inches from your "wings".

Making sure my wood is at the exact measurement
Once your wood is cut you will want to secure your foam to the headboard. You will have to cut your foam to fit the headboard and use a tacky spray glue to secure it. After the glue has dried for a few minutes you can now add your batting. Wrap your batting around the headboard and attach it to the back with your staple gun. Be careful to not wrap too tightly so your edges are not smushed. When that is finished, begin wrapping your headboard with the fabric. You will want to cut 1 yard off of your fabric and set that aside for your wings. Be careful to not wrap too tightly and make sure there are no ripples in your fabric. My advice is to start at the top, then do the bottom and finish with the sides.

Stapling the batting to the wings 
Now that your headboard is wrapped you can secure your wings. Start by stapling one edge of the batting to the backside of the wings. Next, staple one edge of the fabric to the back of the wing on top of the batting. ONLY staple one end of each to the back, layering them on top of each other like we did for the headboard. This will leave you with a flap of batting and fabric that we will staple later. Once that is stapled align the top of your wing with the top of the headboard. Lift up the flap of batting and fabric and begin drilling holes through your wing into your headboard to prepare for the screws. Remember, when using a drill bit it must be smaller than the screw you plan to use. As you make you holes screw in your screws to the headboard until you have about 7 screws on each side (or until it feels secure). When both of your wings are secure wrap the additional batting and fabric around the wing and secure to the back of the wing where we originally stapled it. Your headboard and wings should now both be covered and secured to one another.

Your headboard should look something like this now...and my silly husband! He's actually 6'4" and squatting in this picture so it gives you an idea of just how big this headboard is!
It's finally time to add the studs! I love these studs because the come in a roll a keep your stud projects straight! You can find them at Joann's Fabric. Line up your studs down the center of your wing and begin to hammer into place until you reach the bottom of the front of your wing. I wrapped mine over the top...not that I can see it because I'm only 5'4" but hey lets keep it looking sharp even if I can't see it!

The studs are probably the easiest part! There is a hole every 5th stud where you nail in the loose studs
When you are finished you can now secure your headboard to your bed frame (most have pre-drilled holes that you can use). Take a step back and admire your hard work! Below are a few picture of mine and some accents that I have slowly been adding to the room, enjoy!

The finished product! I'm gonna need more pillows!!
Side table accents and a nice view of the stud work
Lamps and mirrored cones from Target and the mirrored side table is from Pier 1
My beautiful chair that I got from Pier 1...love that store!

I hope you enjoyed my headboard tutorial and that I included enough steps for you to make your own! Again, very first furniture and upholstery project so bear with me. If you feel that I left out any crucial steps just ask me and I will tell you how to do it!

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