Jan 14, 2012

Sunday Social

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The Sasse Life

Hello Everyone! My name is Melysa from Moments with the Montano's. I love all things crafty, diy, and thrifty. I am also a self professed master multitasker; juggling being a wife, a good mom to my fabulous little boy (or as my husband calls him, my unaltered clone), a successful career woman with a 2 hour commute (boo hiss) and still carving out a bit of time to be creative.  Everyone needs a creative outlet, right?  You probably noticed I left out house cleaning, that normally is at the bottom of my to do list.  :)  I invite people over to force me to do a thorough and sparkly cleaning.  ::::insert embarrassed whistle::::

Some interesting facts about me:

1. My mom was very creative with my name and most people have a hard time pronouncing it.  It is Meh-lee-sah.  Mom tells me that after my first day of pre-school, the teacher pulled her aside and told her that I was being unresponsive in class.  After a few minutes of discussion, my mom realized my teacher was calling me Melissa.  Since it is not my name, I didn't realize she was speaking to me.  :)  

2.  I own a blow torch (and I'm not afraid to use it).

3.  I have two completely different feet. I mean in both size and appearance. One is a size 5.5 and the other is a size 4.5.  Let's just say it makes shoe shopping interesting.  I have, however, come up with some crafty solutions to my shoe sagas.

4.  I love makeup!  I rarely do not wear at least a bit of something, mascara, lipstick, concealer.

5.  I can recite most lyrics to any 80's pop, club and rap song and or t.v. show theme song. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have...." It's amazing what is stored up in my noggin.

I hope you can stop on by Moments with the Montano's share in my journey, the good, the bad and the crafty.  I'd love to share it with you.


Please email Kim at kim@thesasselife.com if you would like to be the Featured Blog.


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