Jan 29, 2012

Strawberry Moscato Cupcakes

Don't these just make you want to say, "Awwwwww" or "Yuuummmm!" They make me say, "I need a big glass of milk!" I love strawberry cupcakes and you know what else I love even more? Moscato wine. I have a huge sweet tooth and am drawn more to sweet wines. I do love my Rieslings and an occasional Pino but Moscato is my fave! So I though why not combine the two things I love? Genius! Why not throw in some chocolate chips too while I'm at it? Even better!! 

I didn't go homemade with these, don't shun me! I just wanted a quick and easy cupcake and that is exactly what I made.

Strawberry Moscato Cupcakes
- 1 box strawberry cake mix
- 1 cup Cupcake Moscato wine
- 1 cup mini chocolate chips
- butter cream frosting
- 24 cupcake liners

Mix your strawberry cake according to the box directions and substitute the 1 cup water with 1 cup of Cupcake Moscato wine. You can add maybe a half cup more of the wine if you want to be daring. I would have liked more Moscato flavor in my batch. Here is a picture of this wine if you have never had it before. It is one of my favorite brands!
After your batter is mixed stir in one cup of mini chocolate chips and distribute the batter evenly between 24 cupcake liners. Bake according to the box directions.

While your cupcakes are baking you will want to make your chocolate heart cupcake toppers. Begin by lining a baking sheet with wax paper. Next, melt 2 cups of  chocolate chips in 30 second intervals in the microwave stirring between each 30 seconds. When the chips have melted spoon them into a squeeze bottle or piping bag. Make your heart shapes on the wax paper and place in the fridge to set up.
When your cupcakes have cooled and your toppers have set up pipe on your butter cream frosting and top with your chocolate heart cupcake toppers! You may even have a glass of that Moscato while you're at it!
These are perfect for Valentine's Day or just because, enjoy!